Particle effects wont stop after airborne with separate ext/int model

Hallo I found this bug during development of aircraft, and need to resove it
somehow please:

Brief description of the issue: When Im in exterior watching the water
(dust, snow, etc…) effects on runway and switch into cockpit in that moment,
than this effects on wheels remains visible from interior even after airborne
and are active till I switch external/internal view again. It happens also in
reversed situation, when Im in cockpit and switch to external view in the
moment when effects are active, they will never stop even in air, untill I
will cycle internal/external view again. This bug happens only on aircrafts
using completelly separated exterior and interior models in MODEL.CFG file.
(show exterior when interior = false and vice versa)

Is there any solution for this ?

Thank you

Hello, @MagnanimousHippo will have a look
at this when he gets back. Have a good day,

Thank you

Hallo, please any news regarding this problem? Thank you

Hello Vigomat, I have been able to reproduce the issue and I am currently
investigating the source of the problem. Regards, Matthieu

Hello again, We have identified the source of the issue, we are working on it
and the fix will hopefully be shipped with the next Sim Update. Regards,

Great, thank you very much !

Hallo, Id like to ask again, two game updates passed, but problem is still
present. Is there any fix for that? Thank you

Hello Vigomat, Sorry for the delay in giving you an answer. We are aware the
problem is still present and are working on it. Unfortunately I cannot tell
when exactly a fix will be released. Regards, Matthieu

Ok, thank you

Hello ! I am pleased to report that this issue will be fixed with the release
of Sim Update 9 :slight_smile: Regards, Matthieu

Hallo Matthieu, thank you for good news. Regards Jan