Path does not exist

hi, when i try load the game msfs 2020, all i get is
The specified path does not exist. check the path, then try again. its doing
my head in, the game is not even on the C drive its on my D drive

okay, i’ve just went to app settings and clicked repair, got a tick, so tried
the reset option, got a tick, tried loading it up again, got my run as admin
message clicked yes and it just wont do anything, wont load, wont show any
error messages or anything

i have even gone on the xbox app, on pc btw, windows 10, and gone to verify
and repair that doesnt do anything ive even went into the speech settings on
the pc and downloaded the English US, that has not help either, it was working
the last time was on it, ive even deleted every third party stuff i had in the
community folder incase they were the cause and still nothing