Payload menu does not update

The payload weight values do not update when setting PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT through SimConnect.

This problem has existed since 2020…

Edit: Fixed SU14 beta-1. See post for new issue- Payload menu does not update - #5 by Tailh00k

Asobo confirmed the bug a some time ago here: WEIGHT and BALANCE Menu BUG - #4 by SnowedTome73

It’s unchanged since then. We all want this.

Users have been asking for missions to edit payload stations as avatars and objects enter/leave the aircraft, but this bug prevents the sim from being sensible for a casual user that relies on the sim dialogs, so we’ve held off on this logic.

Thank you for fixing this. However there is still a slight issue. Over shared cockpit, the slider bar for payload is not moving along with fuel.

Found it. Max Payload is not updating when setting fuel simvars.

Drag any fuel level slider and see Max payload change along with Fuel weight. Then use simvarwatcher to set the fuel simvar to any number. Max payload number only changes when dragging UI slider.