Performance issue in scenery editor with large amount of objects in the hierarchy

Hi, I had an interesting thing happen in the scenery editor over the past few
days where performance has dropped massively when editing. I have seen it
before in this scenery however now its is constant. The problem seems to be
tied to the hierarchy tree, when I collapse the tree back to the root
categories the performance goes back to expected however when I start clicking
through to move an existing object, it starts to expand the tree and the
frames drop and eventually down to about 1fps. To get it back into a workable
state I have to re-categorize the legacy hierarchy to collapse the tree. It
works ok when adding objects as the new objects are placed which appear in the
root of the hierarchy tree. The problem is only happening when the tree is
expanded. The project I’m working on is very large (17-18MB XML file) now
shapefiles have been embedded into the XML. (of which we have a lot of) I’m
just wondering if I’m starting to hit some limits of the scenery editor. This
happened fairly suddenly EG not gradually. I also understand the project I’m
working on is very extensive and probably pushing things a lot. The scenery
compiles fine and displays in the game engine just fine out of dev mode. This
issue started before SU9 so I don’t think its patch related

Hello @HybridNZ We have witnessed a similar issue on our heavy airports. Some
optimisations were made in the hierarchy tree so you can expect an improvement
with SU10. Come back to us when the SU10 flighting starts if you still have
the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain, will do.

I’ve since found the issue that was causing my problem. Hopefully, this helps
others. There is an issue if you run the legacy hierarchy tool where every
time you run it to re-group everything, it creates another blank sub-group. I
found I had around 9000 of these hidden away which was causing the issue. I
ended up doing a big tidy-up and stopped using the legacy hierarchy grouping
system and switched to manually grouping objects etc Regained all of the
performance back in the project after I did this.

Hi @HybridNZ , Thanks for the feedback ! I was not able to reproduce this
weird behavior… can you send us your xml please ? Thank you :slight_smile: Regards, Boris