Photoreal area coverage (CGL) running on XBox

We already had a thread about allowing local testing on Xbox: There, I suggested a possible
solution that could play nice with the existing Xbox Dev Mode, which is
something already in place for testing any game, but only works if you
compiled the whole game yourself. The main problem is, while the Xbox is in
Dev mode, you can’t see the disk partition where retail games ( MSFS ), are
installed so, a workaround might be something like this: - While the Xbox is
booted in Dev mode, we could upload from the network the compiled package to
one of the partitions we can see in Dev mode. - If the Xbox MSFS version
could be updated to look, either directly or from a Symbolic link into this
folder we uploaded earlier, and mount the package, we could test the package
on a retail Xbox, which might even solve the issue of Debug Xbox not being
exactly the same as the retail version, which caused issues to some products.
- To increase security, the Xbox MSFS version might enable this special
testing feature ONLY to accounts registered to developers that have been
accepted on the Marketplace. If the goal is to prevent regular users from
sideloading stuff outside the Marketplace, linking the testing feature to
selected accounts will fix it. We KNOW this is possible, because during the
Alpha period, from Jan to Aug 2020, only known developers had access to the
MSFS Dev Mode so, clearly, the sim is already designed to enable/disable
features depending on the account. Another possible solution might be loading
a package from an USB drive, this might be even simpler and not require the
Xbox Dev Mode to be activate ( although Microsoft might want you to pay the
yearly fee for it ), and can still be tied to selected accounts. I understand
there are concerns that, if this feature had bugs/vulnerabilities, it could
possibly expose the whole Xbox to possible attacks but, what could possibly
happen if: - The only thing that can be uploaded is a package compiled by the
MSFS own SDK, with the only possibly executable code being the heavily
sandboxed WASM ? - How this is any different than the standard Xbox Photo
app, which CAN import user pictures from an USB drive ? Even purposely
corrupted .JPEG can, at least in theory, allow possible exploits, an MSFS
package made of mostly models and texture is not really different. - And,
this feature can be tied to selected accounts only. I think this issue should
be dealt with sooner than later, because if it’s not, it will make the whole
Marketplace + Xbox compatibility not sustainable anymore, and the last thing
Microsoft wants is that: - PC users all realizing (some of them already have)
they are getting the best version of the product, with faster updates and more
features if they don’t buy from the Marketplace - Xbox users, who don’t have
any choices, will be more and more frustrated when they realize everything
they buy is completed UNTESTED. And no, I don’t think having separate ratings
for Xbox and PC is a real solution, the real solution is allowing testing of
what we are selling before it goes on sale, on the actual hardware. I think
it’s the one and only product ever sold on Xbox that doesn’t have offer a
chance for developers to test it on Xbox. Even the smallest game from the
tiniest indie developer CAN be tested locally, by means of Xbox Dev mode, only
MSFS add-on can’t, and user are asked to pay good money for it, just like any
other product.