Pilot_1 Visibilty failure

when loading the aircraft from the main map screen / menu … WITH correct
Weight applied to the loadstation.2 as required for display conditions, the
PILOT_1 Model refuses to show up in the aircraft. IF However the aircraft is
subsequently re loaded from Dev Mode / Select Aircraft Menu then it works
as expected and the PILOT_1 figure is displayed correctly Below is the actual
code in use and an Image showing the Parameters have been met and the
variables set … Yet the PILOT_1 figure remains Invisible until reloaded as
above ALSO please note … Baggage and Cargo work perfectly using Identical
code And PILOT_0 also works perfectly

        (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:2, pounds) 0 != 

ADDITIONAL CRAZYNESS :slight_smile: As part of my investigation I Built a red ball and
linked this to the PILOT_1 NODE Below are the results… Leading me to assume
that the PILOT_1 NODE Naming, use or application is flawed somehow ?? BOTH
Scenarios displayed in the image use the EXACT SAME MODEL AND CODE

BUMP Gentlemen please ?

@FlyingRaccoon Is nobody seeing this ??

Hello @ModelMuncher , We are investigating this and will let you know when we
have any more information. Regards, Boris

Appreciated . at least Now I know its been seen Thanks :wink:

Hello @ModelMuncher I wasn’t able to reproduce this (SU9 / SU10), Did you try
to change the node name (in your 3d asset and your xml ) ? Can you send us
your exterior lod 0 gltf please ? Regards, Boris

I have changed NodeNames yes but without success … Here is the XML … as you
can see it stays well within SDK Conventions However please check the images
again … the second image (Crazy.png, below) clearly shows the Node and XML
Code work perfectly by showing the red ball when weight is applied to
Technician station ( loadstation.1) I am certain that the PILOT_1 node is at
fault but as previously mentioned it remains within SDK parameters and

        (A:CAMERA STATE,Enum) 2 !=
        (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:1, pounds) 0 != and

        (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:2, pounds) 0 != 

        (A:PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:10, pounds)  0 !=

@ModelMuncher Can you verify that you have the correct type in your
station load (flight_model.cfg) Example:

max_number_of_stations = 7 ; Number of payload stations
station_load.0 = 85,-3,-1.1,0.9,Pilot, **1**
station_load.1 = 85,-3,1.1,0.9,Copilot, **2**

You can check the doc

Regards, Boris

@Boris I DONT BELIEVE THAT WAS IT ! ! ! Omg :slight_smile: Ours were set as type 4 as
according to the SDK This would be 4 (Front Pax) Obviously something not
implemented am I correct ? Many thanks for your time and effort on this … My
fault as usual LOL Thanks

Thank you. That fixed my issue.