Pink ground textures on aprons

Since SU5 I got pink ground textures when I’m at very high flying level. It
works fine when I’m near ground and get pink at high altitudes. My models all
work fine, the issue is on the apron textures (no projected mesh)

Update: I jsut loaded an “old” version of my scenery build with fspackagetool
of SU4 → there I do not have any pink textures. But I did not change anything
on the aprons in the meantime

I am pretty sure it is related to this: Regards, Simbol

Yes and no - in this case it’s not on an 3D model but on an apron. And the
used material is one of the standard “Asobo ground” textures.

We have had this problem with one of our airports about 15ks out from the
airport… pink textures with default apron materials … they disappear as
you get closer. Because its so far out you cant really pick whats doing it.
This has been around for about 6 months, seems to be related to square aprons,
instead of polygons apron types. Havent had time to fully investigate it.

I as well. The issue is not seen in dev mode. Only when exported. The issue is
dramatic especially on final. The pink start to leave as you get closer on

Hello. My answer can be expected but can you provide me with both these
packages? A diff between the two plus having a look at the console output
should tell me what’s causing the issue with those particular tiles. Regards,

I now have directly compared an old package build with SU4 and rebuild the
same with the current fspackagetool. In both cases I did not have pink
textures. They appeared with my current version of my airport that I do not
have compiled before SU5. So I unfortunately do not have a real 1:1
comparison. When I do some zooming in and out in developer camera view, the
pink first comes and then disappears for this “session” forever. It seems to
be some loading issue. How could I send you the package “in private”?

All pink airport everywhere where there is ground made by aprons. My SU4
export doesnt have this issue. I wish we can somehow go back to SU4, build and
export perfet builds without this and Jetway issue to release. Is there any
way possible to do this?

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Hi there, did you by any chance troubleshoot this in private? I have the issue
as well and its very dramatic. Was wondering if there have been any work
arounds or comments.

Hi @yorgosGK, I don’t have any package to repro the issue at the moment. If
you can upload one on dropbox or wetransfer, this will be useful.

I just uploaded in private

thanks for replying - is there an email I can reach you at as my issues are
for an un released airport. I think I can help a lot with troubleshooting. I
have been on this a lot lately.

Do you think we will fix these pink issues of the airport with this hotfix 2
this week or Monday? <

Unless this is somehow related to one of the issue mentioned in this
announcement, no. I just got a package reproducing the issue so we’ll be able
to investigate now.

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Got it, thank you :slight_smile:

This has happened for certain airports of mine since world update 3. It’s not
square aprons for me. I thought it might be one specific Asobo texture. I
substituted and removed that. It didn’t make any difference. I thought it
might be because of texture overlapping. I removed all of that. It still
happened. I’ve yet to see anyone come up with a reason, or definitive

Hey @FlyingRaccoon has that package brought any light on this issue? Thank you
in advance for all the hard work and correspondence.