Pixels not square in VR for toolbar panels

2022-02-21 17_16_16-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
The pixels in VR seem
to be not square. Maybe this is something to set up but I didn’t find where.
Here is the VFR map for an airspace that is a circle. It displays correctly
when not in VR but is flattened in VR. See the images. 2022-02-21
17_00_53-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

This issue was fixed in SU9 but is coming back now (tested with 1.30.9)

Hello @pms50 , Thank you for reporting this. This issue will be investigated
Regards, Boris

The aspect ratio in VR is proportional to the aspect ratio of the window in 2D
mode. If we have a resolution with a very landscape aspect, it affects the VR
and it is seen in panoramic format.