Please add a way to know where Jetways have docked

This feature is very important for us: we need to have passengers walking
through Jetways, but is not very easy to do, unless the jetway has docked on
the airplane main door, which is not always the case. Sometime the jetway
docks at other doors, but there’s no way to know which ones. Maybe variables
related to the interaction points ? It might be very useful to know if a
jetway is attached to a door, if a gpu is attached to its point, etc.
Basically, a state we can read through Simconnect to know if an interaction
point has its related vehicle attached or not.

Some ideas how information about Jetways could be supplied: Add some SimVars
to the Jetway Simobjects indicating: XYZ Offset ( or Lat/Lon/Alt ) of
IK_SecondaryHandle XYZ Offset ( or Lat/Lon/Alt ) of IK_MainHandle This will
allow knowing the jetway actual location, when extended.

I recently posted a similar idea: It would be easier to work
with and offer more flexibility if jetways could be fully simvar-based, like
the hood and wheels already are.

Please consider adding this feature, it’s very much neded.

The most important thing missing from Jetways in general is still this one:

- There’s not way to know IF and WHERE a Jetway has Docked. We have the Hood
variables, which are useful to a point, to at least figure it out a Jetway
docked ( if it’s not moving and any of the hood variables are not zero, it
should have docked ), but the problem is, it doesn’t help knowing where it has
docked, or if it docked partially because it couldn’t reach the door.

This could be fixed if we had some extra SimVars for the Jetway object to
report the actual position of the bone associated to the IK_SecondaryHandle,
possibly expressed as XYZ offset from the Jetway reference point. This would
allow us to know where the jetway end is at the end of the animation.

Another reason why this might be useful is that add-ons interacting with the
Jetways won’t risk conflicting with the automatic Jetway handling of the
default ATC:

Jetways are probably the most glitched thing in the game. It needs attention
plz. It stops devs like GSX being able to have a lot of manoeuvrability. It is
worth giving it attention in future updates. Would really love jetways that
don’t lose LOD sync, a possibility to have double jetways as well. To sum it
up more jetway knowledge and control would be good to have

Hi, An article about exposing Jetway Data through SimConnect has been
published today. Could you please check it and give us feedback to improve it.
feedback.html> Best Regards Maxime / Asobo