Please consider adding to SDK, better details and Example of "Sub Models"

The concept of SUB Models , recently added to the SDK, would appear to be a
very powerful technique to add to, and enhance an existing Model, but the
details in the SDK are minimal, and without an examaple, I have to wonder if
this feature is fully working yet. ie To add a Tablet to an existing Internal
model, and make that table’s screen display & interactive. I have not been
able to do this , so far, and wonder if since its introduction, existing
models need to be re-exported with the “unique identity bit” set, to fully
support Sub-Models. ? If so, then hopefully the existing Base and
Premium/Deluxe models will be update, and re-exported with that bit set. ?

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I also hope it gets updated to allow external packages to add to an existing

This could be done so easily, if we had an API call to Attach objects on the
fly, which could be attached to an arbitrary XYZ offset from the airplane
center, or to an existing node, without having to modify the airplane XML

Hello @N6722C I’m not sure to follow you here. The doc seems pretty explicit
on what you can and cannot do using either model merging or model attachments.
- main model and child model must be part of the same DevMode project -
attachments will allow you to define some behavior in the attached model xml.
So gauge rendering is not covered yet. Attaching a whole SimObject even less.
One thing that’s missing from the doc though is that inputs are not supported
yet in the attached ModelInfo. @Nocturne will add this in our documentation.
For now, it can only be used to attach a model with animations and a bit of
behavior logic in it. I understand this is pretty restrictive. I hope we’ll
expand this feature over time. Regards, Sylvain

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Like, for example, on P3D?

Yes, modelattachments are very restricted at the moment, and having inputs and
gauge rendering would be perfect. However, with submodel merging it’s
technically possible to add objects with those things. It’s also technically
possible to use submodel merging on an already compiled plane if that plane
was exported and compiled with the ASOBO_unique_ID checkbox checked. At least
it worked last time I tested. Unfortunately, none of the default planes seem
to be exported with ASOBO_unique_ID. If they were we would be able to add
things like tablets or GPS units with community packages, even if this isn’t
officially supported.

A year later, and not much has changed as far as re-exporting the default Asobo Planes with the ASOBO_unique_ID. set.

Is there a reason for not setting this bit, and allowing User Mods to take advantage of Sub Models.?

If not, PLEASE could Asobo consider setting this bit next time they update the default planes, or just clearly sate that they never have any intention to do so, and that will be that.

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