Please define coordinates and other parameters when they are stated in SDK

" Please define all parameters or create a link to the definition of said
parameters in the article where they are used in a definition
" I’m no
expert in developing in MSFS, so I haven’t memorized the whole SDK yet. I get
really stymied when I come across items in the SDK that have coordinates or
other parameters, but the article doesn’t state what the
coordinates/parameters mean in the article I’m reading. As I stated, I’m not
an expert, so I have no idea where to go in the SDK to figure out what these
parameters mean. For instance, I’m not creating an aircraft, I just want to
understand how to edit a Cameras.cfg file. So I went to the Cameras.cfg
definition page. In the page for Cameras.cfg, there is an initialXYZ, and the
description just says “xyz Initial X, Y, Z” and nowhere on the page does it
define which directions X Y and Z are related to. I did some web searching and
finally figured it out, but, I would request that anywhere a parameter is
used, please define the parameter fully in the SDK. Interestingly as it turns
out this value is in a different order than that of the “eyepoint=” parameter,
which is the only XYZ parameter defined in the article. My first thought was
to use these coordinates, but, fortunately I thought better and looked outside
the SDK when my perusal through the SDK turned up empty scanning pages in the
Cameras section. Please fix this example, and others as people come across
them while updating the SDK. Thanks, Tom