Polygon/apron textures picking up asphalt , not blending like before

hi, Recently the textures and decal has started apply asphalt to them self’s
regardless of what what texture is used. This is causing the fall of blending
to no work correctly, along with causing over laying decals,textures to blur
each other out. Where as before it would layer over each other with out an
issue any one else having this or know a fix to this ?

Hi @Twocats , Do you have a screenshot that shows the difference and the
behavior please ? Regards, Boris

screens shots showing what i mean :slight_smile:

I can confirm I’m currently seeing the same as you for those specific
materials. All the ground_soil and Asobo_Decal materials and several others
are having the “CEMENT” Surface bump map applied to them. I don’t remember
what they were like before though.

The grass, rock and sand
materials seem to be behaving as expected:

so would it be a case of manually forcing them to no use it would be a work
around for now?

Hello @Twocats , These materials are used somewhere and we are not able to
change them easily without side effects.

I suggest you to create your materials with your custom settings

Regards, Boris