Polygon does no longer work

Hi, after the new MSFS update, I have problems to use the polygon tool. I
cannot create polygons in certain areas. Concretely I tried to remove the new
POI “Holsten Gate” in Luebeck (Germany), but I cannot mark this area around
the POI with a polygon. I can set the first point of the polygon, but not the
second point, so I cannot span the polygon around the POI. Please could you
have a look into it, and advise. Many thanks, Best regards, Claus

Hi Claus, About the polygon creation, make sure you’re not too zoomed out when
creating it as the ray cast tends to fail. When this is the case the polygon
current point position is no longer updated and that prevents you from
creating further points. Zoom in and you should be able to place other points.
If that’s not the issue, please upload a video to show us how the problem
occurs. To remove POI objects, you want to use the Exclusion rectangle and
not the polygon. The POI will still be visible in edition mode but when you
build the package, install it in your Community folder and restart the game,
the POI will no longer be visible. We plan to fix this so POIs are removed in
edition mode just like any other objects. Regards, Sylvain

Hi FlyingRacoon. As of the exclusion rectangle: is it normal it does not
remove the existing handcrafted models introduced with the World updates (for
instance Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg City). Are those objects locked ? When i
try to exclude those models, even in a compiled package placed in the
community folder, they still remain. I know you would prefer keeping them even
if a scenery is placed on it, but the purpose here is to move it slightly to
better blend with the addon (so, exclude the existing one, and create a new
one using the MS/Asobo model, but place this new one in a slightly different

Hello, AFAIK, you should be able to remove them. If the steps I described are
not sufficient, try to delete the Content.xml file located in your
C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator directory. If the
world update package happens to be after your own package in that cache file,
it will take priority and your exclusion primitive won’t work. You can also
use the Options->Terrain->Debug Exclusion Rectangles debug option to make sure
your exclusion rectangle is there. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, many thanks for your advise, appreciated. The reason of being to
far away from the plane is true … Now I will fly close to the POI, stop
simulation, and then work on the POI removal. Let’s cross fingers that this
will work :wink: Best regards, Claus

Hello Just to make sure, I’m not talking about the position of the aircraft
but the position of the developer camera.

Ok, will try the Content.xml deletion. Thks a lot :wink: Edit: tested and it
works. Thks Sylvain. But it reveals a pb: the list in the Content.xml file is
not always sorted on each MSFS restart. It would be great (and not too
dificult to implement, i guess), to automatically sort it everytime the sim is
launched. Another important file remark: could it be possible to delete
automatically the rolling cache file everytime an update occurs for the sim ?
And what about using a checksum test on each file to check the matching
between the data streamed from the server and the content of the rolling cache
data ? A similar test could be performed with the data still accessed from the
RAM and VRAM. I wonder if some CTD issues are not linked to inconsistencies
between data provided from the several data storages.

I think resorting content.xml each time might cause more problems than it
fixes? How do you “automatically” choose the correct order? Personally, I’d
rather see the data in content.xml be exposed and editable like it used to be
in FSX. I realize that opens a whole new can of worms in terms of usability,
but, the order of items is important, and there was a good reason it was
exposed in FSX. Order of addons is very important.

If you think reordering at each sim restart is not a good solution, an
alternative workaround could be to make sure that the official packages are
always at the start of the Content.xml file, to ensure addon packages always
override them, when necessary. What do you think about this last proposition ?
Another solution would be to always use the package installer in order to edit
the Content.xml file while installing the package. Give an UI for the users to
edit the Content.xml file is fine too, but we have to make sure that the
official packages are always at the start of the list.