Polygons in wrong place after building airport scenery

For some reason when I place polygons and texture them, after I build the
airport and load it, they are all slight moved and rotated. It’s very
infuriating. Any ideas what’s going on here? You can see that the concrete
square is not straight, and the polygon to cover up a white line, does not
properly cover the white line. But once I load the asset group, everything is
loaded perfectly in place. I have tried cleaning, etc. but can’t figure out
what’s going on. https://photos.app.goo.gl/qtvqtb8CcBbfkfsv6

I am also seeing polygons that are distorted after the package is built. Here
is an exampel. Polygons looks fine in Scenery Editor, but are distorted in the
build packages.

Hi there, Sorry for the lack of news on this post, @simnord , is it possible
for you to send me this example project you used for screenshoot ? ([See 3)
Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html)) Do you have this issue only on polygons or with rectangles
/ aprons too? Thanks, Boris

Hi I’m also having this issue the polygons with a texture show up as aligned
in correct position in the sdk, but with the built package in community folder
they are then misaligned or out of shape when loading into the airport. As
shown in these images.

Hello @DORRAGER , Could you send us your project so that we can investigate
this issue? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Thanks :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

I’m seeing the same issue. Aprons seem fine, polygons gets deformed in the
built project.

On that same airport above im also finding the sim is moving my fences out of
alignment when loaded in to normal play. As for polygons issue seems to happen
with both top down view and normal dev cam. Was extremely annoying on a
massive tree fix add-on i made.

just to bump this up, the issue is still active in the scenery editor, the
yellow polygons are squared as follows

with the package in Community,
the polygons became distorted (polygons are drawn on top of a painted line to
make the effect more standing out)
(similar issue for another user
in the forums <https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/default-scene-library-
with-msfs/594624/5?u=mamudesign>) coords in the source .xml are 100% correct
and square could the that the
polygons coords are somewhat rounded?