Posible BUG, Autopilot controls behavior with default .xml model behaviors

Dear Asobo, One of my customers is reporting the vertical speed control with
the AP wheel does for the Sting S4 does not work quite as it should. In AP PIT
mode I assume one should be able to adjust nose up/ nose down with that wheel.
But when clicking at „DN“ the nose goes up, while clicking on „UP“ makes the
nose go down. This consisten with other projects I have worked with as well.
Bellow is the XML behavior I am using for this. I am attaching as a comment in
private my source code of the autopilot and a video of the issues, I can’t
find anything wrong to be honest, I am using the default model behaviors from
Asobo… so something seems odd. At the end of the Video you can see another
issue: It seem the user is having trouble getting from ALT mode back to PIT
mode, I was able to replicate this behavior too. Thanks for any help, Regards,