Positive_g_limit_flaps_up etc are documented oddly

Version: 2.23.0

Bug description:

The documentation for positive_g_limit_flaps_up says:

Flap positive load limit when up. Same dimension as gravity vector, in ft per second²

The value is definitely not in ft/s² but a G load factor. (One G is around 32 ft/s2, and the value for this setting is typically between 2 and 4, i.e. its unit clearly is G.)

Also, this is probably not a limit on the flaps as such, but on the airframe in general. For the aerobatic Extra 330, which doesn’t even have any flaps, positive_g_limit_flaps_up = 10, which is its Certified Load Factor as its aircraft.cfg says.

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Interesting. I always thought this variable meant The positive G load limit of the airplane when the flaps are up.

Most certainly the SDK wording is wrong. And it would be nice to know exactly what it means.

Hello @TangoMikeLima

You are right.
This parameters do not apply to flaps but to the aircraft when it has this flaps configuration. And we interpolate between flaps up and down configuration based on the flaps position.
Values are provided in Gs and they are multiplied by the load_safety_factor paramaters before being compared to the current load factor to detect if the aircraft is beyond limits.