Potential issue with AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft

When creating Enroute ATC airplanes with AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft (C#
SimConnect) I encountered a potential issue when it comes to the AI following
the provided PLN file. The aircraft is spawning at the correct position in
flight according to the location provided in the method, but in some cases it
is not flying torwards the next waypoint, but is turning back to the previous.
This is only happening in some cases and only with PLN files that incl. more
Waypoints then departure and destination airport (GreatCircle-Route). I had
not yet time to create sample to “force” this issue, I will provide that in
the next week.

I was able to add a workaround on our end. Removing all previous waypoints
from the PLN file and then create a new USR-Waypoint add the estimated spawn
location. Injecting the Traffic with location varaible 0.99 the AI does follow
the correct waypoints. PLN file looks like this: Departure Airport-Estimated
Spawn Location-[The next waypoints]-Destination