Priority between PaintedLines and PaintedHatcedAreas

It would be nice to have, for the PaintedLines and for the PaintedHatchedArea,
the management of the priorities, or levels, between them. Sometimes I find
myself having to make aprons that represent my paintedlines to put them at the
intersections of the different PaintedLines. Even when I have to pass a
PaintedLines over a PaintedHatchedArea I have to resort to making the
HatcheArea in the form of a drawn apron. It would be very convenient to have
these priorities between the PaintedLines and the PaintedHatcedAreas, between
the PaintedLines themselves and between the PaintedLines and the
PaintedHatcedAreas. I hope that many developers are inclined to a similar
improvement. Thanks for the hospitality. Musoni Giampaolo