Problem with SDK to create 2 ILS for a runway

Dear MSFS DEV Support Team, I am working currently on a fictive airport in
Navi Mumbai (India), specifically to add ILS to the runway. I add it in the
xml-file, and not via SDK editor, as via the editor MSFS forgets this entry
always, but if I add it via xml-file, at least I can build the package. I
follow the SDK documentation for the runway:
When I add 1 ILS only, all is fine. It works properly and I can build the
packages without any errors (see code sniplets under below). But when I add 2
ILS (i.e. 1 ILS for each end of the runway), then I can see the beacons for
the 2 ILS in the graphical SDK editor (it looks very nice ;-), but when I try
to build the package, many errors are coming, so I cannot build it. Please
find below the code sniplet for the 2 ILS runway. What is wrong with the
code? Maybe the order of the code commands has to be changed, or is there a
specific syntax I have to follow for the 2nd ILS of a runway? Is this
described somehow in the SDK documentation? Also I have seen when I want to
save my scenery, it may create also havoc in the xml file, it deletes
comments, rearrange the parameters in the commands, etc etc. Please advise.
Many thanks, Best regards, Claus __ ** PS:
I have posted this question
with the wrong “topic” ( se e below, I have choosen “aircraft”, which is
obviously wrong … sorry …
), but the correct topics (e.g. airport, ILS,
SDK) did not work … please reclassify the topic properly - many thanks. a)
Code sniplets with 1 ILS only works properly:
OR b) The Code sniplets
with 2 ILS for a runway does not work:

Hello @cstark , What do you mean by " as via the editor MSFS forgets this
entry always, but if I add it via xml-file, at least I can build the package

"? To avoid any problems, you should never modify the xml file. I did a test
with your settings in the scenery editor and everything worked fine The result
in the xml :

EDIT: I said "you should never modify the xml file. " I meant in relation to
ILS elements :wink: Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, many thanks, appreciated your immediate response! So I understand
now a mixture of entries in the MSFS SDK GUI editor, and adapting and editing
the code directly in the xml-files may be difficult to handle and could cause
problems. Maybe I have to start from the scratch, working in the official MSFS
SDK GUI editor only - maybe this would be the best solution for me :wink: I will
check this approach with a new small airport first, before I start with the
huge Navi Mumbai airport project newly. Best regards, Claus