Project Editor shuts off Marketplace and stops sim from returning to main menu after flight

A bug that appeared some weeks ago, and then disappeared, has now returned and
seems to coincide with various sim betas. Opening the Project Editor blocks
the Marketplace and, after starting a flight and then attempting to return to
the main menu, the sim hangs with a static blue bar at around the 90% position
( it never achieves the main menu, requiring a sim re-start ). Very much slows
down the development process.

I am also seeing this behaviour after last night AAU2 update ( Was
fine before… Best, Raul

Hello @DC1973 , @Simbol , Thank you for pointing this out. This is being
investigated. Regards, Boris

@Boris Hi, this bug has now cleared up as mysteriously as it appeared…

Hello @DC1973 The issue with infinite loading was caused by an issue with one
of the marketplace packages and it has been solved. You no longer have the
issue with Marketplace being inaccessible when you open the Project Editor
either? Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, hope you’re well! Correct, the bug has entirely disappeared,
Marketplace remains live when using the Project Editor.

Got you, yea all has been fine since yesterday on my side as well. Best, Raul