Project Editor Wizard

As soon as some friends asked for a tutorial about the new project wizard, i
bit the bullet and started recording a video tutorial. I choose a new Custom
Package: this are my findings: - after adding the first asset group, if i
want to add another asset group the package, the add asset group window loads
in background, have to click back to project editor tab to see it, non really
intuitive - the wizard DOES NOT create the folders for new assets, the main
PackageSources folder is not created too. This is what a wizard should be for,
otherwise the old method of editing the simplescenery/simpleairport from sdk
samples is a lot faster - worst, it creates non-compliant OutputDirs entries
in the packagedefinitions xml (by default the outpupdir path is like the
source path), while all the samples and documentation are pointing to
scenery/world/scenery or scenery/global/scenery as output path. (If you want
it to be different, please eupdate docs and samples!)… as soon as they get
built, the compiler moans that they should -contains- “Scenery/”, throwing
errors - a nice wizard should also check that all required data is filled
before letting user click build all and throwing error and exceptions: things
like the thumbnail or the marketplacedata. Also, if the latter is not
mandatory, please make sure it throws a warning and not an error: samples
provided in sdk should compile without issues, please update them Thanks again
for all the effort you all are putting into this!

I’ll let @GentleFunyarinpa provide answers on that topic, since he’s the
wizard behind the Wizards. :slight_smile: Please confirm if some of these questions are
actually bugs (I’ll create the tickets) or if they are design decisions - in
which case, we’ll discuss internally. Thanks!

Hi @mamudesign! First thanks for your feedback, I’ll try to answer to all of
your points: - I couldn’t reproduce the behaviour you’re describing, but
there is a known bug in the custom wizard that requires the user to click the
“Cancel” button to quit the wizard window after having created an asset group,
does this describe your problem? - Folder creation should indeed be done by
the wizard, it will be added. - A pass on asset paths will be made, one of
the objectives is to ensure that wizards and editors are synchronized. -
“Build all”, “Rebuild all” and “Build package” should not validate the
Marketplace data, only “Build Marketplace data” and export do so. We’ll
discuss internally about the Content info thumbnail validation, and SDK
samples will be tested and updated. If you have other questions on these
subjects feel free to ask me!

@GentleFunyarinpa Thanks you so much for reviewing my post I really don’t need
more answers on this topic… in above post I wanted to give you (sdk team)
some suggestion to improve user experience using the wizard! Here is my
“tutorial” video with findings: (english is not my native language!) timestamps where you can see the problems:
06:16 asset group creation bug (and solution) 09:18 outputdir bug (and
solution) 11:31 no folder created bug (and solution)

@mamudesign No problem :slight_smile: Thanks for the video, it was really useful to
identify which problem you had!