Projected Mesh Issues

After SU6, we had some severe issues on a product that has been on the market
for almost a year now. We have tried everything we know to resolve this issue
but no results. As you can see from these pictures, when you are close to only
the threshold of the runway, a part of the projected mesh disappears, however
as you move further away from it, it reappears again. The rest of the
scenery’s projected mesh has no apparent issues. Seeing as this is a
Commercial project, it is vital that this is fixed soon as this is an issue
for customers and we have had a steady ticket stream with this issue.

In SU7 I started to see a completely similar issue - projected mesh disappears
on the runway near to the threshold.

Hello. Is this something happening 100% of the time? Can you provide us with
the package producing the bug? Regards, Sylvain

Yes @FlyingRaccoon, it happens all the time. Has anyone been able to find a
solution to this?

Hi Sylvain, where can I submit the package where the issue is happening for
you to review? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @lapalabra Provide a
OneDrive/GoogleDrive/WeTransfer link here as a private comment (option below
the submit button) Regards, Sylvain

Hi, This is happening all the time and we have plenty of tickets from
customers too. Could you send me your details so that I could send you the

Hi there, he sent me a private post on here to send him a drive link to the
package with issue as a private post (below the submit button is the option).
I sent mine in on Friday, so hopefully they are working on this.

@lapalabra Building your project from the sources
creates a working package for me. Could you try deleting the _PackageInt
and Packages directories before rebuilding the package and check if that
changes anything?

Thank for the prompt reply and the good news! I honestly have not tried
rebuilding after deleting _PackageInt and Packages directories. I’ll try as
soon as I’m back home in a couple of days.

Nevermind, I just understood the apron is there to compensate the PM clipping.
I was able to see the clipping issue with the PM, this will be investigated.

Thank you very much for looking into this. I will check back here often to see
if there is an update. Thanks again!