Projected mesh rendering strangely in Performance Plus Beta

Hi guys we have been testing our newly released pro scenery Performance Plus
Beta and we have been having a lot of problems with the projected mesh apron
and runway. As far as we can see it seems to be the way the sim is rendering
the base map. This doesn’t seem to be introduced in the normals or roughness
maps. The issue is the lime green and brown coloring that has been introduced.
This is happening on several of our airports and some of the other team who
are running the previous stable public build don’t have the problem.As per
attached images Has something been introduced to the render engine that is
causing palette issues ? Attached issues showing some of the issues. We are
happy to send you some of our scenery for you to see for yourselves. The
pictures show it being subtle but I can say its pretty bad when you’re in the

It was promised that for the V update early access there will be a separate
forum: So far we did not
receive any other news. Officially the bugs encountered should be sent to the
email address where you got the access. I agree projected meshes are a problem
in the editor too. They are loaded but after few rounds at the airport they
disappear. The airport group in the editor cannot be expanded, it collapse
itself immediately or even causes a CTD.

I have checked a new build and not only the projected meshes have this
greenish tint. Even simobjects and normal static scenery objects.

Thanks, I’ve pulled the texture (Old) and rotated it and lined it up against
Performance Plus (New) … when you get really close in the cockpit the effect
is very bad. But this shows it in a a high level view in 1 section. Yes the
texture is 16bit and not 8bit. We have tested that and it makes no difference.

Finally had some time to get to the bottom of this. It seems the extra
compression introduced in the colour palette for 1.18.20 that is being used to
render is now introducing artefacts to projected mesh. It just so happened
that our scenery was using some of these colours. The problem we all now have
unfortunately is anything in the cyan to greyscale now have swapped ‘near or
close enough’ colours being used. In my examples here I have run several mixed
colours and 3 true RGB colours in gradient to grey. In the 1.17.30 example,
you can see far less colour compression introduced. In the 1.18.12 example,
you can see quite a severe colour banding starting as the compression
algorithm tries to match nears colours and swaps it with what it thinks is
right. In our case a true low cyan grey for a lime green colour. And finally
to make sure this isn’t being introduced in the SDK PNG → DDS conversion I
manually saved a higher resolution DDS file and pasted it back over the top of
the package textures and the severe colour banding still exists. In short, the
new changes introduced into the Asobo render engine are introducing severe
colour artefacts. 1.17.30

1.18.12 - Introduced render engine compression artefact colour banding for
projected mesh - Asobo SDK DDS
1.18.12 - Introduced render engine compression artefact colour banding for
projected mesh - Nvidia PS DDS replaced file. Colour banding still exists so
isn’t an issue with the PNG to DDS conversion process.
You can spot other problems in
the RGB range and the other mixed colour ranges, black to grey seems to have
suffered the least. In short, I have tried all sorts of things to stop our
projected mesh from blending into these colour ranges but it actually causes
more problems than fixes. It would be a lot better if this bug can be looked
at and fixed on the render engine side of things. I did notice some default
textures are also suffering now. PS excuse the file version name 1.18.20 … I
meant 1.18.12.

Hello. Thank you Hybrid for the awesome report. This will help our dev a lot
to identify the issue.

happy to help

Hi, is there any update to the restoration of the colour pallet to pre-update
5 standards (at least for PC) ? It’s causing a lot of issues in the sim such
as clouds, textures, sky colour banding, the golden hour is now a mess and of
course, us devs are now having to flatten texture colours down (no gradients)
to stop artefacts from appearing in our scenery.

Hello. Did you enable the HIGHQUALITY flag on the texture used by the object
referenced in by the projected mesh? [Textures
formats) Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, yes we have tried all that … this is an issue with the colour
pallete reduction the render engine now has since SU5 and trying to fit it
into xbox. Its also the reason the clouds and sky now look very low quality
from what it use to be.

How does the object look when you import it directly in the scenery and not
through the projected mesh flow? Can you please provide me with a sample
package showing the issue?

@HybridNZ Still interested by your package. Our devs are having a look at this
issue and that would help them. Regards, Sylvain

Hi is this conversation private ? How would you like me to upload it ?

Hello. You can post the link as a private comment with visibility set to
original poster and moderators only.
Regards, Sylvain

Hi HybridNZ, Thanks for your feedbacks. It help us improve our ground texture
compression. To fix the issue we compress with more precision color close to
grey. Regards, Xavier

Thanks Xavier We’re very happy to hear this news, it’s going to benefit all in
the Sim. Thanks for looking into it Josh NZA Simulations

Hello @HybridNZ Some update on this. A fix is
ready on our side and will available with upcoming updates. As Darwikey said,
we have more precision on grey colors when compressing. That said, on your
scenery, the greenish color is more diffuse and less contrasted but not
totally eliminated. Sampling your original PNG texture, it’s seems there’s a
slight shift towards green and blue (something like 30;40;40) and successive
compressions still tend to reinforce that gap so in that case, editing the
source texture to fix that shift is the only solution I can think of. Here’s
the object rendered as a scenery object:

and here it is as a projected
mesh: The projected mesh seems
to me pretty faithful to the scenery object. The green in the original texture
is just a bit reinforced / more contrasted. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain, Good to see some colour scope has been added back in. In both
the color bit depth (back to 16bit) and the grey color tones now have more
depth. It’s ok, we have quite some time ago flattened the color in our scenery
greyscale for our past and future scenery to get around however it will be
good to be able to introduce rust stains and other colored artifacts that sit
in the gray to the colored zone of the color gamet. The examples you have
posted from our PMs look like a massive improvement. Thanks for taking the
feedback on board. Cheers Josh / NZA Simulations