Projected Mesh shows as wireframe

Let me preface this by saying that this is my first attempt at a projected
mesh. I recently opted into the SU10 Beta, so I have not had a chance to try
this under the stable release. When I place the projected mesh, it shows as a
wireframe, where the wires are showing the actual texture. Yet, even after
building the project and reloading the sim, the projected mesh still displays
as a wireframe. Anyone else running into this? As it’s my first, I’m not
ruling out that it could be me doing something dumb as well…

Hi, Our engine are showing wireframe when a mesh use a material that is not
allowed, ie a material that use a combination of textures that the projected
mesh doesn’t support. You can check the document for that. And the scenery
editor should prompt a warning it founds an invalid material. Regards, Xavier

I’m not sure what the hang-up was on this one. It didnt throw a warning and I
was using a standard Albedo + Comp + Normal, which says is supported, but that
AO and Metallic will be ignored. I ended up baking the AO into the Albedo and
then painted it white in the Comp. Then I cleaned the package and did a
complete rebuild. After that, it started working. So, it was either it didn’t
like the AO channel (I doubt this…) or the package data was just bugged. I
didn’t change anything else, so I have no clue…