Projected Meshes

Hi all, I had made a post about this a week ago, but looks like it might have
been removed. Is anyone else experiencing issues with projected meshes since
SU5 + Hotfix? Mine load up fine but as soon as I move the camera, they start
breaking apart and eventually disappearing completely. Thought it might have
been an LOD issue, but having the issue even at close distances. This is
currently hindering moving on with our commercial project so could really use
some insight as to if this is a known issue. Many thanks!

Hi, the problem remains. What is grouped does not work


In the same vein: even trying to translate a PM results almost immediately in
a CTD. Might it be linked to the grouping?

Same problem here, no response for many weeks. I notified this via Email the
same day we started beta testing SU5 and got no response. Here I have also
notified and no response, like you I have 2 projects without being able to
move forward because of this problem. The projected mesh disappears a few
seconds after being exported. Asobo gentlemen, a little more attention please.

Thank you and the rest of the others who chimed in to confirm this issue.
Indeed, it’s been weeks without a single acknowledgement from the SDK team. I
once again plead with the Asobo team to take this more to heart. This is not a
hobby for many of us, this is how we make a living and to have such an obvious
issue lack acknowledgment is not a good thing.

Hello I actually addressed this issue and answered @TDM_SceneryDesign here: We have reproduced and partly
fixed the issue in our development build. I need to gather more information to
make sure all problems have been resolved. I know this is a big issue for many
of you but creating new questions about the same issue over and over is
counter productive and actually prevents me from easily keeping track of it.
If I haven’t provided an answer to a specific question, you can tag me in the
original post rather than creating a new one. Regards, Sylvain

@flyingracoon Sylvain, I originally made a post about this, but the question
disappeared, hence why I asked again. Perhaps it’s the one you linked me to?
If so, please note that that link is dead. We’re not trying to make multiple
posts, we’re trying to have our original one acknowledged. Again, this is an
issue that has stopped MANY of our (commercial) projects so I truly hope the
team can issue a hotfix ASAP – At the very least, we’d sincerely welcome
updates and projected ETA’s for a solution. I’m quite sure you can understand
our frustration. Regards.

@flyingracoon Sylvain, any updates on this? Please, almost 3 weeks I’ve had
this project on hold with no solid reply from the DEV team, come on guys…

Hello, Sorry for the lack of answer - most of the team is off at the moment.
We confirm the bug and we’re doing our best to fix it for the next update.

Hi Alyzee, Thank you SO much for confirming the bug and for working on it.
We’re very much looking forward to the possible fix in upcoming version. What
date is that scheduled to release? Thanks.

Hello lapalabra, The date isn’t official yet so I’m not able to share it :frowning:
We’ll keep you posted anyway in the weekly updates available on Microsoft
Flight Simulato

Hello Alyzee, Just wanted to personally thank you for giving us an update
today’s dev update regarding the projected mesh issue. So it’s an LOD issue?
Is there any way we can force it on our end before the update on Sept. 7?
Interesting thing just happened, I was playing around with settings in the
Debug LODs window and after a restart of the sim, my projected meshes are
working properly. Thanks again!