Prop Reverse

Dear Asobo, Can this parameter being confirmed as a value from 0.0 to 1.0?
some of the default Asobo airplanes have a comment on their engine .cfg files
saying 0=false as disable prop reverse and 1=true as enable prop reverse

I am trying to reduce the amount
of trust of my turbo prop engine when I hit the full reverse since for some
reason, when on reverse, the engine spools up uncontrollably above maximum
N2 rated RPM configured causing weird behaviours… The maximum rated_n2
configured is 37,000 rpms and when on revers it is reaching up to 80,000 with
the prop beta set at -10.5 degrees as per POH… the only way I have found to
control the behaviour is by overriding the turbo engine corrected fuel flow to
0.0001… and it still spools above the rated n2, all the way to 42,000 rpms
exceeding the reverse thrust limit RPMs of the propeller as per POH which
should be 1900 - 2000 rpms. The Asobo team can find my full engine.cfg on this
post It is attached as a .zip
for moderators only. Thanks in advance, Raul

Hello @Simbol I can confirm this parameter is stored and used as a float.
Regards, Sylvain

Thanks! I will try then setting it to 0.5 and lower to see if this helps to
prevent the high spool up during reverse operations. Best, Raul