Proper Water Masking

This is an idea posted as an expansion of this thread: 3rd party developers need a
way to be able to apply water masking in our sceneries. In an attempt to get
this a bit higher up the board, I’m taking the initiative to create this
thread so that it may be voted on. -– Now, it has been mentioned that this
method isn’t as straight forward due to “technical implications”, however
could something such as a poly only displaying the water effects be used
(where the base color would be transparent, or very minimal, allowing the
below imagery to show)? The edge could have an adjustable feather that could
serve as a gradient, blending with the color of the surrounding default water.
Not sure how feasible this is, but maybe it would be a simpler approach than
going the CGL route?

Hello, Improving and allowing 3rP to use water masking is something we’d like
to do, but we have no resource available for that now.