Provide separate Sources/art folders in samples

Currently some of the sample in the SDK have the 3DS file and the textures in
the PackageSources folder. Would it be possible to rearrange the source files
and texture source files into the same folder structure like the aircraft.
SimpleScenery SimplaeAirport SimpleAerial Source/Art/Model Source/Art/texture
rather than PackageSources/Modellib/texture
PackageSources/Modellib/Light_Sample reason: you build the art - either 3ds or
blend file in the sources folder and then you export it to the PackageSources
folder per the scenery or aircraft, airport requirements.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ Sure, I’ll add this to my todo list as we already plan to
rearrange the structure of the samples. Thanks for the feedback. Regards,

@DA40CGDFQ Hello Reviewing this, the only case where I think this is an issue
is the Light_Sample.max2016 file being in SimpleScenery/PackageSources. I’m
not sure to understand what you think is wrong with SimpleAirport and

My bad, yes they look ok.