[Question] Adding of road traffic

Will it be possible in the very near future to add our own vehicle traffic to
roads like in FSX? I would LOVE to be able to add my own road traffic around
the land side of my airports. I can create my own roads, but I cannot add any
traffic on them! Would LOVE to just to give some more life to my airports!

While waiting for Asobo’s implementation or Microsoft’s update from osm data
(if those exist in your area, otherwise advise to contribute) You can use some
worldscript, I have a tutorial about those https://youtu.be/bCjIvzLjmd4

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That’s a great tutorial! Unfortunately animating larger numbers of vehicles
with worldscript totally kills performance at larger airports, so it’s not
really an option for creating dense landside traffic. Having the possibility
to not only exclude but also insert “generic road traffic” would enable us to
add much more life to custom airports because currently we need to exclude
default road traffic because it rarely matches elevated roads modelled or
proper traffic paths in general.

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