[QUESTION] Autothrottle TOGA not working

I’m trying unsuccessfully to get the flight director to move when using the AUTO_THROTTLE_TO_GA event. The plane has no Auto Throttle, its autopilot is similar to the King Air and C208.

Here are the relevant systems.cfg entries:

autopilot_available =1
flight_director_available =1
default_vertical_speed =0
autothrottle_available =0
pitch_takeoff_ga = 7

I also tested against some default aircraft and found out that:

  • All aircraft that are equipped with Working Title avionics have it working
  • It does not work on the default A320. I push the TOGA button on my yoke but nothing happens
  • It works on the King Air 350i (G3X). Interestingly, autothrottle_takeoff_ga is set to 0 in its systems.cfg file

Can you point out what I’m doing wrong?

What are you expecting the TO/GA button to do without an autothrottle? I expect just the ap/fd pitch mode?

Side note: the A320 does not have a TO/GA button in real life, so it makes sense that it doesn’t work there.

I just want it to move the FD/Pitch.

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