Question regarding upcomming API for Airport and NavData in SU10

Hey, it seems that the upcomming new API for Nav and Airport Data has not yet
been added to the SU10 Flight SDK, correct? - Or did i missed something in the
flighting documentation? Source: In the
development process for one of our tools I need to get Nav- and Airport data
directly from the Sim and would like to ask if the following scenarios are
getting implemented in the final SDK release (managed SimConnect C#): 1. Get
a list of waypoints between departure and destination (basically routefinder
like in the WorldMap for the user). 2. Get a list of all taxi-nodes and
taxiways/-paths at an airport. 3. Get a list of all parking-spots at an
airport. ------ For use-case 1 we use an external database at the moment. For
use-case 2 and 3 we read the BGL Airport files at the moment, but this limits
us to the non encrypted versions.

OK after a bit more digging I found the documentation for the Facility Data :slight_smile:
But now I have a few more questions/ideas (based on the documentation alone):
Taxiway_Parking does not provide any location information for the spot
according to the Documentation, it would be great to get the location as well.
Taxiway_Point is missing completly, so it is impossible to determin the actual
location at any airport. Taxiway_Path does not link to any point (see above),
so they are basically fully stand-alone and can not be used to generate a
betwork Jetway seems to miss the Parking_Spot Number, without it it is
impossible to link it to the Taxiway_Parking object. → The above tasks are
currently possible by reading the BGL files, since more and more of the BGL
files are now getting encrypted by the Marketplace the only way to get the
Data is by using the new SimConnect feature, so it would be great to have the
above features added in the SDK as well :slight_smile: @virtuali I guess you might need
the same features for GSX, or have you found some other solution without the
need of the BGL files?

We are reading the .BGL files (if they are not encrypted, of course) with GSX.
The new Facility Data API looks interesting but, it’s too new and has been
documented only with the very latest build so for the time being, will
initially release GSX by reading .BGLs, because we surely need indexed nodes
and paths to construct a graph which can be used for pathfinding.

ok, then we are in the same boat - lets hope ASOBO ( @FlyingRaccoon ) might be
able to add the “missing” information soon :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for your reviews. Those fields will be added and should be
available soon. Best Regards Maxime / Asobo

Please also add a way to mark taxi paths as one-way only. This is badly needed
in places like roundabouts, where ground vehicles shouldn’t take the shortest
route. Airplanes need it for drive-through parking stands. A speed restriction
(like the existing weight limit) would be fantastic too. I am not asking a
change to the behavior of existing MSFS-driven cars and airplanes, but to at
least add these fields to the editor and reveal their values through
SimConnect so that we could use them in our own pathfinding.

Put this in a new idea, this is about the SimConnect API and not the scemery
Editor, so it gets not lost :wink:

Hey, one more idea to add: For the parking spots: Get a string of all Parking-
Codes seperated by “,” → like “DLH,EWG,AUA”