Questions about Debugging LODs and what objects are available

I have some questions about debugging LODs and what models are available to all users. In the picture below I have a school bus I’d like to use. I’m planning to have a couple of them placed around so I’ll duplicate just the one in order to use the same GUID for instancing.

  • These scenery objects do not come from the fs-base package. Are these a part of the World Updates?
    • scenery\microsoft\BellaCoola
    • scenery\microsoft\MeigsField
  • Lod [0/4] - does that mean it’s currently showing the first layer of LODs and it has up to four available?
  • S:25.52 and S:34.66 - I think I read this meant screen size and the number is a percentage. So these objects are taking up 25% and 34% of the current screen size? Why would I need to know this since the number gets smaller when I zoom out?
  • W:0 - I believe this is the LOD that’s WANTED at this current zoom level? Is there a scenario where it wants 0 and gets a different number?
  • 10000 - I don’t understand this one. This is “loaded LOD”.

Most of this info is in the SDK document.

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Thank you. I read that document, but it’s not a 100% clear, which is why I’m asking using this specific example.

  1. This can help you find where the objects are from
    Bella cola is from wu11 and meigs from su11

Because user can uninstall whatever update or single airport they want, if you plan to avoid problem, use only fs-base stuff or better create your own

  1. It has 5 lods (LOD0, LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, LOD4

  2. It is the percentage of the space occupied by the bounding sphere including the object (a sphere that included all it geometry -some of that may be hidden) Vs your screen available space. You need this to set the minimum values you want the specific lod to be visible, you can set the values in each model .xml, of course it is possible only for YOUR OWN created objects. About the school bus, you can do pretty much nothing, only watching

  3. And 5. Very hard to find a reason why Asobo is giving us those info, could be for debuggin purposes (there are a ton of this debug info in the various windows, and an average Scenery needs a fraction of them-and lots are not documented).
    Again, we can do nothing to force a LOD during normal game usage:we can only change the size of the object (in the 3d software ) and the minimum size when the lod changes in the xml

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Your response was super helpful and the link to the wiki is dynamite! Thank you.