Read Flightplan Waypoint Names and Distance

Hello forum, we are developing an extra tool for the simulator. We search the
right variables for the calculating the flightplan. We want the names like.
BERDI, GTO etc. And the start airport and the end airport. We cant find any
right variable. Anyone have an Idea? We work with C# and the SimConnect SDK.

not in the SDK but working for AI, in FSX they worked for user as well, so i
gues they do here as well:
this.SimConnect.AddToDataDefinition(DataIdentifier.AIOBJECT_FLIGHT_DATA, “AI
this.SimConnect.AddToDataDefinition(DataIdentifier.AIOBJECT_FLIGHT_DATA, “AI
TRAFFIC TOAIRPORT”, null, DATATYPE.STRING8, 0.0f, 0); Not sure about the
waypoints during the flight, but check the GPS/ATC vars within SimConnect.

Ok we try some more values. But the most variables from sdk or urs. It crash
the connection with the message, "System.AccessViolationException " Can not
read in safety ram.

As far as i see, details about the flightplan are currently only accessible
from javascript inside the simulator, neither through simconnect nor with

This is beyond my paygrade, but I can at least report that SimDashboard
manages to display waypoint name, range and bearing via SimConnect.

Here’s a photo:

details are retrieved from the sim by SimDashboard and displayed on a 10"