"real-time" reloading of environment files?

Having to go back to the main menu every time to test changes to environment
files (Biomes) is time consuming, having a SimConnect “reload” method for
vegetation while in a flight would be ideal. Any such method exists? Can’t
find anything in the documentation. Cheers, Rob.

I also vote for this as it would be a good edition to the simulator. Specially
if it could be extended to other environment variables. Regards, Simbol

This was my original post, I guess it was moved over by FlyingRaccoon. Cheers,

Hello, Biome definition is done using “Copy” assets. As you described, this
type of asset is not live reloaded at the moment. I have added a task in our
backlog about this issue. Can’t tell what the solution will be but we will
look for an improvement. This won’t be done via SimConnect though, we will
look for a solution in the devmode itself. Regards, Sylvain