RealSimGear + Airmanager causes no other sim connect client to be able to connect

Originally posted this <
us/requests/162365> but it was closed and I was pointed here. Note I am not
developing against the SDK but these are existing tools. If you have the
RealSImGear and AIrManager plugin installed in your community folder then no
other sim connect clients (flight events, fs2ff, etc) can connect. If you
remove airmanager or realsimgear then you can connect several other sim
connect clients. Simconnect should be a multi client protocol so it being
blocked doesn’t make sense.

This is a HUGE deal for cockpit builders. I was using Air Manager in my
original pit build, went to the other mob because they didn’t support MSFS
right out of the gate, so glad to hear they do so now! Looking forward to
seeing a solution.

We are looking into this. As a side note, nothing is done (on purpose) on our
side to block any add-on. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

I am currently running MSFS with:

  • RealSimGear Device Interface
  • Air Manager 4.1.3 (demo version)
  • fs2ff 0.1.14

All SimConnect clients report that they connected to the MSFS server without
any issue. Are you using different versions or perhaps more software? Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

Found the issue there was a ****set in my simconnect.xml. Not sure where/how
it got set but increasing it fixed the

Adding feedback, I have Air Manager and Sim Dashboard running in parallel on
various devices and can report no problems encountered. @Aviator857 - good
catch in the simconnect.xml, I’ll file that answer away for future reference!