Recolored Ground textures in Apron Object now look almost totally white in Dev Mode

It looks like most if not all of the apron textures I’ve recolored in the sim
have turned white in dev mode since after June 23 (I assume after the world or
Texas City update). Prior to June 23rd, I could recolor textures I’d use in
apron objects and I could see what they look like in Dev mode. Now they turn
very white hued. I won’t be able to recolor apron textures until this is fixed
:,( Fortunately they look fine in sim. See images - recolored apron objects
circled in red, plus you can’t see the runway texture anymore either, I’m
pretty sure I recolored that, too. These are images of a scenery I finished on
June 23rd, and I just opened it up to make some more edits and saw this. I
attached the source file for the project. kfit-
Dev Mode:

In Sim:

Hello @FlyingsCool , Could you please make sure that " Disable TIN color
" is unchecked and let me know if there’s any improvement?

Regards, Boris

This is really weird. I opened up the project this morning and the problem has
gone away. To answer your question, yes, “Disable TIN color correction” was
unchecked when I opened the project this morning. I’m not sure what I did to
trigger the problem, I haven’t been changing any of the view related options
or debug parameters up to this point. But I don’t know what the setting of the
parameter was before I opened the project this morning. I can only assume it
was unchecked before, too. But maybe not? Maybe some operation I had performed
had switched this on? But why is it off now? I will say that since June 23
(when I released the package on, I have been doing some
work excluding TIN around the runway, so maybe something I did in that time
switched this option to “On”? I don’t know. In any event, we can close this
for the time being. If I run into the problem again, I’ll check the status of
the option. Thanks! Tom

So, tonight I came back in the project. As soon as I loaded the airport into
the Scenery Editor, it did it again. It’s almost as if the time of day
matters. Not the lighting, it doesn’t change if I change the time of day in
the sim, it seems like it has something to do with the actual time of day.
This morning when i got in the sim, sometime around 10am… no prbolem.
Tonight, around 11:30 to midnight, the “whiteness” is back again. No change in
any parameters, “Disable TIN color correction” was unchecked, the actual time
of day is the only difference I can see.

Edit, I should add that the images shown in the first post were taken at
around midnight as well.

Edit, I should add that the images shown in the first post were taken at
around midnight as well.

I just want to report… it’s almost 9pm local time here, and I just noticed
the whiteness is happening again. I’ve been working on this since about 6pm,
and it was fine when I opened it.

Yep, it’s still an issue, editing at 9:25pm. Current time is the only change I
can see. I’ll check again in the morning if it’s still a problem.

Checked again early this afternoon at 1:00pm, textures look like they should.
Not white. I live about 25 miles outside Boston, MA, EDT