Rectangles and photogrammetry

I wanted to clarify if Rectangles with the “Exclude buildings” flag set
(without terraforming) should remove photogrammetry buildings? I’m not sure if
they did in the past and SDK doesn’t say they do, yet they do remove
photogrammetry. Another thing. Do polygons create more load on the system than
rectangles? I used rectangles to exclude buildings as they worked fine for me,
but in this case, I will have to move to polygons, as I need the ability to
remove autogenerated (OSM, AI and MS) buildings but not the photogrammetry

I’m interested too, i’m using polygons for my default buildings exclusions and
never tried with rectangles keep in mind that our bgl extents for thousands of
chilometers!, (my shapes-polygons bounding box is as big as half the
World!..and your code, dear Asobo, in handling it without any issue, so,
again, kudos to you, BRAVI!)

I have the entire earth covered with polygons to adjust the ecoregions and
vegetation. 518 MB of BGL. No discernable FPS hit.

I personnally use polygons to remove blackshark AI buildings or vegetation. I
also use them for terraforming or to add vegetation. As rhumbaflappy said, no
performance hit with them. I use rectangles in two use cases: exclusion
rectangles to remove handcrafted models, and rectangles to make smoother
terraforming, with regular ramps. Also, note that polygons can exclude
existing bing photogrammetry.

Thanks. I was afraid it might have some impact on FPS. I guess I need to
rewrite my code to use polygons now. I used rectangles as it was easier for me
to generate them for my objects. But with polygons I can be more precise with
targeting auto-generated buildings.