[Rectangles with elevation profile] Rendering problem from far

Hi, we face this problem with Tenerife. Doesn’t matter where the rectangle is
placed it happens. Maybe near the airport or far from it. As you get closer to
the airport these anomalies will disappear and mesh is displayed correctly.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022-06-19 1_08_49
Microsoft Flight Simulator
2022-06-17 4_37_09
Microsoft Flight Simulator
2022-06-18 7_30_18 PM.jpg


Further investigation with default terrain titles. This happens only in the
southern part of the island. It seems like rectangles on the north aren’t

Hello @MKMatt That’s something we haven’t witnessed
yet. Can you provide us with the packages sources producing the problem
please? Regards, Sylvain

Hello @MKMatt We were able to reproduce the issue.
The good news is we already have an improvement of the terraforming in the
pipe that solves this problem. However, as it’s tricky to push such a
modification without impacting existing product, we’re looking for a way to
release this properly so I don’t have an ETA yet. There is no workaround in
the meantime I’m afraid. Stay tuned. Regards, Sylvain

Hi, Any idea on how we could overcome or minimalize this? We have an addon
waiting for release now. Thanks.

Hello. No workaround that I am aware of. Can you try using a power of 2 res
(256x256) instead of 250x253. I’m curious to see if it plays a role in the
issue. Regards, Sylvain

So far the only solution to eliminate this problem was to disable GCXO in the
package. Then GCTS works just fine. Seems interesting as these two are not
related and each airport has its own mesh, objects and so on.

@Darwikey FYI

Tested with 256x256 rectangles. No luck.

The issue (at least for now) was fixed on our side. What we did: - Change
airports radius, - Keep all objects within the radius and avoid placing any
POIs far from the airports, especially don’t mix them, - Check XML for
grouping, reset groups or remove rectangles from groups. Groups seem to be
broken anyway and causing trouble (but that’s another story). The rectangles
itself wasn’t an issue however, I observed that using lower resolution DEM was
helpful here. This is also where the issue started when lower LOD was applied.
Anyway, that’d be great if we could use high-resolution DEM in the sim, just
like in FSX where we used to compile it to BGL and run smoothly. Regards!