The REFRESH_SCENERY event freezes the simulation for a second but doesn’t
refresh scenery

Hello @runshotgun This is an event coming from
FSX but it doesn’t trigger anything in MSFS.
@Nocturne We should mark this one as unsupported.
Regards, Sylvain

Any plans on supporting the event? Would be pretty useful for teleporting the
user somewhere else without going back to the menus.

Agree with Keven, it would be ideal if we could load .flt files or teleport to
different places via the SDK. It would allow us to expand missions and do many
nice things for users. Regards, Raul

Not sure to understand how this refresh event would help in that matter. What
the issue when writing the position with SimConnect?

Step 1: Set the Lon/Lat via SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject Step 2: Refresh the
scenery with a loading screen right after to make sure the user sees a loaded
scene instead of waiting 2 minutes for the scene to load in front of their
eyes and fling the aircraft all over the place (like the SDK Teleport does if
you un-slew right after the teleport)

Would it be a good use-case? We’ve just released a new product called Flow
that allows users to relocate their aircraft across the world from within a
flight. We have to freeze the aircraft’s position while the scenery is loading
around them and ask the user when they think it’s done loading since we don’t
have any variable to work with to know when it’s done. It would be nice to
show them a loading screen instead of a geometry mess around them.

You can use a
works-partly.html?childToView=5016#answer-5016) for this.