Hello, I don’t think this is a technical question for a problem yet I wonder
if someone has the time to answer this question. I placed rivets on the
A320NEO_AIRFRAME_RIBBONS_ALBD.PNG but do not appear in the sim. Even after
trying to change the values in the .JSON file for the
A320NEO_AIRFRAME_RIBBONS_ALBD.PNG I haven’t been able to view it in MSFS. As
you can see it’s paintable in the software of your choice, on my screenshot
it’s Blender.

So I wonder, which
file in MSFS handles the visibility of this file? Anyways, Thank you for your
time. Have a good day.

Hello @bravoairspace As explained here:
Surface Detail

The texture is not the only component having an influence on the end result.
In this particular case, the material used for these rivets has its color
blend factor
set to 0 so that rivets are taking the color of
decals/paint on top of it. You will need to change the material properties as
well to achieve what you’re trying to do. Look for the “RIBBONS” material in
the GLTF file and set the color blend factor to 1.

Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon , From where is this image
exactly you’ve attached from? The ribbons color blend setting to 1, this is
saved on my GLTF model file, correct? Thank you.

The image comes from the 320 LOD 0 external GLTF. The color blend factor is
set to 0 in the original aircraft and I’ve changed it to 1 for test purposes.

Can you please tell me which software did you use to view and edit the LOD 0
GLTF file? I’m assuming, Notepad++

@FlyingRaccoon it worked. I have to utilize my
own gltf model but its all good now. Thank you. I can see the rivets.

Found it. Now I will test it
out. Thank you.

Visual Studio Code, it has an extension to format GLTF correctly.

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Thank you.