Regression in - Performance loss with undocking HTML instruments is back

In the last beta of SU10,, the issue with severe performance loss
when popping out instruments from the virtual cockpit had been resolved in
both DX11 and DX12 modes. Any glass instruments could be undocked without any
performance penalty. In, the severe performance loss is back to what
it used to be in SU9 when using DX11 mode. A not inconsequential performance
loss is now experienced undocking instruments in DX12 as well. For me, that’s
to the tune of 10 fps. compared to about 25 fps loss using DX11. There were
some pretty high hopes for those of us developing external instruments
requiring popouts after SU10 launched. Those hopes have now been dashed with This makes it difficult for those of us developing external
instruments that rely on popouts. Is there any plan to fix this for the final
SU10 release?

I have running right now in front of me and I cannot reproduce this
behavior. Is it happening with any instrument popped out from any aircraft?
Just as a side note - this more a question for the SU10 forums on than for DevSupport. Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

My bad ! We managed to reproduce the issue which seems to only trigger when
VSYNC is on. This is under investigation. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

@EPellissier It happens for me with and without vsync enabled. Can confirm the
same for at least one other person who’s having the issue I was trying to help
out last night. Running 50+ fps. As soon as a single G1000 screen is undocked,
fps drops to 30. This had technically been “fixed” in DX12 since the first
beta of it came out last year. Now undocking an instrument also causes a
performance loss under DX12 as of where it didn’t before. It’s a bit
of a grey area as to where it belongs. I’m a 3rd party dev who develops addons
that use undocked instruments, as well as an end user. So it affects me as a
developer just as much as it affects end users. I’ve spent hundreds of hours
developing Air Manager add-ons in the last years in hopes of this day coming
where people could use my wares without a large performance loss. Seeing this
fixed in was amazing. To have this regress to pre-SU10 performance
levels yesterday was rather heartbreaking.

I understand how it can affect you in your day to day work as a developer but
the fact is that this is not related to the DevMode or the SDK - that being
said, we are looking into it. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi @EPellissier, I believe this is still an ongoing issue, can you confirm? I
am running on DX11, no-Vsync, SU12, when I pop-out the G1000 from WT I can see
a loss of at least 20fps… similarly when I do the same for a custom
instrument that is a tablet EFB. So it seems this performance loss is there
still in the simulator with SU12, I will do a video tonight and post it
privately so you can see. I was thinking if there was a way to detect an
instrument is popout and turn off the base instrument leaving only the window
active to gain performance, but if this is something you guys are looking into
then please let me know how I can help to track it down to see if it can be
resolved. Best, Raul