Release notes for

The release notes say: - Additional variables available for the Navdata API
Which variables have been added ?

Hi, Here is the list of the new variables and new type:

  • A new type has been added: RunwayStart
    • N_STARTS has been added to AIRPORT type
    • See START type here
  • Taxi path has new members

Here is the list of small changes that have also been made:

  • Some values has been added to SIMCONNECT_FACILITY_DATA_TYPE enum
  • Fix a padding issue for managed version
  • RegisterFacilityDataDefineStruct has been added to managed version as an helper to NavData API
  • ParentUniqueRequestId has been fixes and has now a valid value (was always 0)

So Install sdk 0.19.3 to use those changes. Best Regards Maxime / Asobo

However the documentation online does not have the 0.19.3 release notes, so
can you update that. Doing a search on

downloaded docs are 0.19.2 in the release notes. don’t think 0.19.3 is
properly documented - as I downloaded the msi for 0.19.3 however there is no
info pertaining to 0.19.3

I guess we can use RegisterFacilityDataDefineStruct the same way as the
RegisterDataDefineStruct (btw: I think this is actual missing in the Doc) for
using to set the struct for the SimVars?