Reload for Exclusion to Take Effect

Hi guys, I’m having to close and reopen my project in editor to have exclusion
rectangles take effect within the project editor (package export is fine). As
you can imagine, this reduces productivity, so would greatly appreciate if you
could look into this. To further expand on the issue: I place an exclusion
rectangle to remove some parking lots vehicles. I have to save, close, and
reopen project to see the exclusion rectangle do it’s job and actually make
the vehicles disappear. This also occurs every time the project is opened to
be worked on. Thank you and blessings. -LA PALABRA

Hello @lapalabra, Indeed at the moment you need to re-open the editor… We
are aware of the issue and we plan to do something about it later this year.
Re-opening or re-building is required at several points in the SDK and we
completely agree about the loss of productivity… Since we’re facing it as
well. We’ll keep you posted in the release notes when this is fixed! Have a
good day, Alyzée

Hi Alyzee, Thank you very much for the reply and for confirming this. Look
forward to this and all the fixes you guys are implementing. Thanks for all
your guys effort, we’re ever grateful! -LA PALABRA