Remote Development Platform

I am very fortunate to have access to both a decent gaming rig and laptop for
day-to-day work whether it’s sim development, my career work, or personal
projects. However, as someone who prefers a Mac for my laptop over a PC, it’s
a bit difficult to leave the house if I ever want to do some extended work in
the simulator. It requires configuring build tools made almost exclusively for
Microsoft Visual Studio, and would be a near impossible task to get it working
on the Mac (believe me I tried). I’ve tried remote server platforms like
AnyDesk as well but they lack the performance and specialization needed for
MSFS development. At the end of the day, all I am doing is writing some
Javascript/C++ that any computer should be able to edit, but need an
environment where the simulator can run it consistently.

I think the sim would definitely benefit from an increased ease-of-access to
development tools by leveraging cloud infrastructure from Microsoft (Azure).
We could see developers who never tried contributing before adding more
content with cloud development tools. In a nutshell, people with slower PCs or
Macs would be able to fire up the sim and visual studio in a remote
environment, and save their work locally.

@NakajimaYoshi , Any reason not to use
something like Shadow ?

Shadow is rather expensive for a platform that A) Doesn’t seem to indicate
what type of programs they allow you to download (MSFS is chunky, cloud
providers may wary of it) B) Doesn’t even come close to my desktop in terms of
specs MSFS has so many special requirements (use of Windows, Visual Studio for
WASM dev, good specs) that it would need attention from Microsoft to build
dedicated dev servers for it.

How about Parsec? I tried the personal (free) version a
while back, seemed to be pretty decent aside from the minor expected lag,
although that’s probably less of an issue for MSFS than a first-person
shooter. You’d just keep your desktop at home running with it on and connect
remotely - as long as your ping isn’t too high it should work