Remove magneto starter key-switch timeout for home cockpit builders using key-switches

Original title: MAGNETO un-commanded return to BOTH after a few seconds

using event SDK

Continued from this bug forum post:[
return-to-both-after-a-few-seconds-using-event-sdk-air-manager/541970/4) When
sending event “MAGNETO_START” (from Aircraft Engine
the magneto key switch in any aircraft (default 172, just Flight PA28 tested)
only stays in the START position for a few seconds before an un-commanded
return to the BOTH position. This is silly as on some aircraft (with detailed
engine logic) it is not long enough to start the engine… This event is used by
home cockpit builders using Air Manager. (Air manager internally uses SDK
events). Air manager thread on this
When a
physical key switch is wired up, the user holds the start position, but
without releasing the key, MSFS returns to both… In X-plane it is
implemented correctly and remains in the start position until another command
is issued. Apparently it’s been unsolved since FSX and is still unsolved in
Prepar3D. Air manager is just the easy method to send SDK events. The switch
should NOT return to both if a start event is sent with no following both
event. It just magically moves by its self after a few seconds. Possible
solution could be to remove the timeout, or add a new event something like
“MAGNETO_START_HOLD_ON” that will not automatically return to BOTH, but needs
a corresponding “BOTH” event, or “MAGNETO_START_HOLD_OFF” for example.