Removing duplicate checklist pages?

I’m creating an in-game checklist for the Aerobat. It doesn’t have its own
checklist or library file, but still has a few steps in the game that it’s
getting from somewhere. I’ve created a library and checklist file and
everything shows up fine, but I’ve now got duplicates of Before Starting
Engine, Starting Engine, Before Takeoff, Normal Takeoff one with my new list,
and the other with the originals. Normally these would be removed from the
checklist xml and all is well, but since the aerobat doesn’t have one, I’m
stuck. Is it possible to remove links to what may be a default checklist

There is a master is located here.


Besides that here is what you do. You create your own ???_Checklist.XML file
and use the entries you want. So for example you can have 1 checklist for
BEFORE STARTING ENGINES or as many as you like.

So if you have duplicates there must be 2 sections of this code above. Remove
the one that was original.