Render to Texture features / loading Gauges on any object

It would be incredibly useful to scenery designers if Scenery Objects could
show dynamic content on their surfaces. Some examples of what could be

  • VGDS Safe dock panels showing various informations based on the airplane, time of day, traffic, without having to rely on inflexible multiple visibility checks.
  • Active Gate panels on gates, showing flight number, departure/destination airport, time of departure.
  • Jetways showing their variable gate number automatically.
  • Vehicles with active counters, like running Fuel counters or any kind of active gauges.
  • Objects like cargo containers showing their plate numbers or other things depending on the kind of cargo handled.
  • Vehicles with license plates created programmatically, instead of using many textures.
  • All kind of working digital clocks or temperature indicators on airports.
  • Variable airport advertising with any kind of special effects, transitions, depending on season, etc.
  • Working active panels in airports, showing Timetables of actual airplane traffic.

Considering the vast amount of drawing options available for airplane Gauges (
HTML/JS, NanoVG, Gdi+, FsRender ), it would be ideal if Scenery Objects could
tap into these features, which might possibly be achieved if these objects
could either have the ability to load their own PANEL.CFG file, or if they had
a “Panel” section in their SIM.CFG, so they will gain the ability to load
Gauges like the user airplane.

This would open up a whole new world of dynamic possibilities for airports,
ground services, and scenery - would love to see it!

I would definitely like this feature, I already have plans that I am working
on, I just need the ability to attach HTML/Javascript and CSS to sim objects.

Hello, At the moment, this is not in our roadmap.