RequestTeleportAction works partly

After using RequestTeleportAction to with a correctly set altitude, the plane
spawns at the correct position but not the correct altitude… Also, the plane
comes crashing down.

I can confirm this issue to for BushTripInjector. RequestTeleportAction is
working for 0.5 seconds, then the plane falls to ground immediately and
crashes (if no-crash-mode is off). If no-crash-mode is on, the plane is on
correct lat/lon, but grounded. Also speed and powersettings are ignored.

Hello, The developer behind missions design is out of the office at the
moment. I’ll make sure he takes a look at this when he gets back!

@SonantAlpaca - Any update from the developer on this one as well. Thanks!

This is still broken in SU7. Any news from the developer behind missions

For the RequestTeleportAction to work properly you need to specify a
SimState file, which is just an .FLT file that defines state of the
aircraft after the teleport. Variables you don’t define in the SimState file
will be filled in from the last used .FLT , usually the .FLT that loaded
the flight. This means that after teleport, things like lights, flaps, and
crucially simvars , will be reset to the state at the start of the flight.
The simvars contain the coordinates, altitude, orientation, speeds, and a
variable called SimOnGround :

Latitude=N37° 57' 15.09"
Longitude=W107° 54' 7.20"

The coordinates, altitude, and orientation can be defined by the
RequestTeleportAction , but the speeds and SimOnGround will be reset to
the start. So if the flight started on the ground and the teleport was in the
air, SimOnGround will be reset to True , and the plane will be put on the
ground immediately after teleport. To fix this, you should use a
SimStateFile. This is the configuration that worked for me:

                N41° 1' 52.45",W113° 44' 27.00",+007000.00



This will make sure the plane doesn’t teleport to the ground and has forward
speed, but still reset things changed after spawn such as flaps, gear, and
lights, but you can add them to the .FLT as well. I don’t think this is the
best way for the teleport to work. I think it would be better it the
RequestTeleportAction didn’t reset variables to the state at the start, but
kept them the same as immediately before the teleport. PS: You can specify
Airspeed in the RequestTeleportAction , but it didn’t work properly in my

Nice finding. I’m wondering if this will work with multi-leg bush trips, too.
Or did we run in the same issue as with soundfiles. MSFS is searching them
only in the saved_missions folders and not in the base folder of the trip.

Maybe you can try putting the .FLT in a folder called SimStates, like the
official missions do (e.g. the power settings tutorial). Then reference them
like SimStates\TheFTLName in the script.