Required flight model parameters

The SDK identifies which flight_model.cfg file parameters are used in the
modern flight model vs the legacy flight model. For the parameters not used by
the modern flight model, the SDK states under the “Required” column, “Yes if
using legacy flight model, No otherwise.” However, if these variables are
left out of the flight_model.cfg file when the modern flight model is begin
used, the sim crashes. (As an example, if you just comment out
lift_coef_pitch_rate, the sim will crash during loading.) Are these
parameters still being used in some way (e.g., in connection with the
autopilot), or is there some other issue?


I’ve brought this up wityh Asobo previous as well. Hoping that we get an
update soon so we can trim down the cfg files.

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Hello I’m not sure yet if these parameters are actually used for a modern
aircraft or if it’s just a design failure leading to a crash even if it’s not
actually used. This will be investigated and fixed. Thanks for reporting the
issue. Regards, Sylvain

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Any update on this?

Hello @donstim We’re still working on it. We haven’t pushed a fix yet as the
solution will come in part from the new Aircraft Editor. We have to finish
this first before we can run some tests in this particular case. We are still
aiming for a fix in SU10. Regards, Sylvain

safest bet is leave all Legacy parameters IN the CFG but simply set them all
to =0 Works in the Trislander and Islander

I guess I don’t see the point in doing that. Setting them all to =0 involves
more work with no change in the outcome. I would like to delete the ones that
aren’t required in order to trim down the .cfg file as Ozwookiee said.

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well If the action of deleting them causes the sim to crash then I guess its
your choice The “point” of setting them to 0 is to alleviate any legacy
parameters that may cause issues in the FDE and I cant see how trimming down
the CFG a couple of Kilobytes would help …

If any legacy parameters cause issues, then that means they are being used for
something. I would think that setting them to zero would then cause even more
issues. By trimming down the .cfg file, I’m not talking about file size per
se. Just visually easier to navigate. If they have to be there, I guess I
could just offset them all the modern flight model parameters.

“If any legacy parameters cause issues, then that means they are being used
for something. I would think that setting them to zero would then cause even
more issues”
I can again state that this is completely Untrue … Our
Trislander and New V2 Islander use a “modern flight model ONLY” Config with
these Legacy parameters set to = 0 (see below) Perhaps they have to exist in
the cfg but the use of modern_fm_only=1 Is possibly removing any
interaction with the old Parameters ? lift_coef_pitch_rate =0 lift_coef_daoa
=0 lift_coef_delta_elevator =0 lift_coef_horizontal_incidence =0
lift_coef_flaps =0 lift_coef_spoilers =0 side_force_slip_angle =0
side_force_roll_rate =0 side_force_yaw_rate =0 side_force_delta_rudder =0
pitch_moment_horizontal_incidence =0 pitch_moment_delta_elevator =0
pitch_moment_delta_trim =0 pitch_moment_pitch_damping =0 pitch_moment_aoa_0 =0
pitch_moment_daoa =0 pitch_moment_flaps =0 pitch_moment_gear =0
pitch_moment_spoilers =0 pitch_moment_delta_elevator_propwash =0
pitch_moment_pitch_propwash =0 roll_moment_slip_angle =0
roll_moment_roll_damping =0 roll_moment_yaw_rate =0 roll_moment_spoilers =0
roll_moment_delta_aileron =0 roll_moment_delta_rudder =0
roll_moment_delta_aileron_trim_scalar =0 yaw_moment_slip_angle =0
yaw_moment_roll =0 yaw_moment_yaw_damping =0 yaw_moment_yaw_propwash =0
yaw_moment_delta_aileron =0 yaw_moment_delta_rudder =0
yaw_moment_delta_rudder_propwash =0 yaw_moment_delta_rudder_trim_scalar =0

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@ModelMuncher As a token of appreciation for you being the voice of reason in this discussion, I think I will buy one of your products;) I have always liked the look of the Trislander.

Hmm, it is half the price in the in-game Marketplace compared to your website… hard choice, do I want to pay more to get all files unencrypted or not? I guess the cfg files nowadays are unencrypted also in Marketplace products? (Sorry for off-topic discussion.)