[RESOLVED - SU8] Snow problem on third party scenery

Hi MS/Asobo. Since the SU5 update, the snow does not cover anymore the
totality of my third addon sceneries. Here are some screenshots of the

What can be the problem ? Is it
a preview of the vertices quota intended to be added in 2022, or do i miss
something in my scenery (before Su5, snow covering worked on the whole
scenery, regardless of the LODs) ? Best regards

Hello. Can you tel us a bit more about what your package contains and how it’s
configured? Ideally, put a link to package sources as a private comment so we
can have a look directly. :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

Hello, Is there any update on this issue please ?

No, i have not a feedback from the dev team currently. I sent to them the
project, and they told me they will have a look, but for the moment, they did
not answer me. However, it is not a big deal, and i guess the team as more
important tasks to do for the moment…

yep but in the same time, it’s a regression. In game, none of the scenery
objects have snow anymore… even the packages released by microsoft/asobo like

I wonder if it not has something to do with the future limitations in term of
number of vertices…

Not yet, I will let you know when this is reviewed and we identify the issue.

Still no news from Asobo ? - The snow on building is only available when the
model doesn’t have any lods

Hello. The devs have pushed a fix on this but I need to test it before I can
come back to you and say it’s solved. Regards, Sylvain

Such great news ! Thks a lot. Can’t wait to check it :slight_smile:

Hello This is fixed on our side and the fix will be available with upcoming
updates (probably SU8) Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain. Could you please shed some light on whether at some point in time
we will have some control over snow? Current implementation is very
unrealistic in the airports.

Just connected to the sim today, and downloaded the SU8 update. And yes, snow
is fixed with my sceneries ! Big thk you Asobo. Keep up your great efforts to
bring us this fantastic sim